The Chronicle Bangle

 Life is a Collection of Magical Moments


Each moment, no matter big or small, form the memories that make up our stories. 

Throughout our lives, we go through a variety of different experiences that shape us into the individuals we were born to become. Life often surprises us with new opportunities and a few hurdles along the way; however, each moment, whether good or bad, adds to our collection of adventures and becomes another chapter in our miraculous story. 

Be proud of your journey and express yourself in your own, unique way with our stunning Chronicle Bangle. This fully customizable bangle is made from recycled silver and 18k yellow gold plating and makes the most sentimental gift for you or your loved one. Each bangle is designed to move with you, so it will always feel a part of you each time you wear it. 

Showcasing beautiful, gemstones along with a variety of solid letters, numbers, emojis, and other symbols, add them and build your collection of precious moments. 

Mix and match up to 12 charms at a time to reflect your personality, your experiences, and your mood of the moment. The charms easily slide in and can be removed at any time.

This modern take on the classic charm bracelet is the perfect way to express your personal style while making a statement. So, unlock your most heartfelt moments and personalize your bangle to suit your style.