Matcha, Rings and Elton John: Here are Cristina Giraldo's picks

Cristina Giraldo is a social media manager based out of Los Angeles. She moved to LA from Miami to pursue acting and kind of stumbled into content creation and social media management and fell in love. She says she "loves telling stories through images and mapping out what something will look like in my mind and then executing that vision". We caught up with the stylish content creator to chat about life, her favorite pieces and matcha.

Cristina wears the Years Ring and the 2 Name Bangle

Describe your daily routine?

"First thing I do when I wake up is jump in the shower and start my skincare routine. I wash my face, put what feels like 30 serums and creams on and get dressed. Before quarantine, I had never owned a pair of sweats, and now I can say with confidence I own a pretty damn cute collection of co-ord sweatsuits. I usually pop on a pair of gold mini hoops (the blackletter dangling earrings are my fav rn!) and some cute rings. I'm typically on Zoom calls so I definitely want to be comfy but still look cute! Then I feed my dogs and make a big a** cup of matcha!  I've found that having a steady routine everyday since working from home definitely keeps my sanity in check!"

Who is your role model?

"As cheesy as it sounds, my mom and little sister. They are such driven, compassionate, and intelligent women (not to mention fashionable). I always run things by them and value their input so much."

Cristina wears the Name Ring and the Years Ring

Which piece is your absolute favorite?

"I am OBSESSED with the Name Ring! I constantly get complimented on it and asked about where I got it from. It feels like such a unique and special piece. Definitely one I wear everyday!"

What is one thing you simply can't live without?

"Gold hoops and matcha! Oh and of course my boyfriend Raf and our two pups Dexter and Bowie! (I guess there are a few things I can't live without!)"

 Cristina wears the Years Ring and the 2 Name Bangle

What's your favorite drink?

"MATCHA MATCHA MATCHA! Oh and a good Mojito"

What do you love about Sparklane? 

"I love how the pieces feel extremely high end and trendy, but are at a super affordable price. The ability to customize the pieces is so fun and makes each item feel special."

What's your favorite song right now?

"I am always obsessed with Elton John and can't stop listening to Your Song on repeat (and crying in my car)."

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