Oversized hoodies, favorite pieces and nail salons: Meet Mikayla Keep

Hey Mikayla, tell us about yourself!

I'm Mikayla Keep, I'm 23 yrs old & I currently live in Charlotte, NC with my Husband, Gaige! We both work off of social media & love every second of it. I'm in the process of opening a non-toxic nail salon in our area.. should be ready to go mid-March! 

What do you love about Sparklane? 

I love the unique pieces, I love that you can personalize it in any way you want. I also love that I can create a piece that nobody else has! 

Which piece is your absolute favorite and why?

My Initial Ring(college). I wear it every. single. day. haha! I seriously feel bare without it. I always get so many compliments & questions about it, It's my husbands initials so I wear it on my right hand ring finger! 

Mikayla wearing our College Initials Ring

What is one thing you simply can't live without?

Oversized hoodies. I cant even imagine my life without them lol

Who is your role model and why?

My mama! She has been thru many trials in her life but consistently keeps a positive attitude & comes out stronger. Im thankful I got to watch her overcome so many hard times.. it truly made me into the person that i am today. 

Could you describe your daily routine?

Oh I love this question! Every morning I brush my teeth, pull my hair back & do my skincare. I have been loving First Aid Beauty face wash & moisturiser. It's super gentle & doesn't irritate my skin. I always always always throw on some jewelry in the morning.. no matter if i'm getting fully ready that day or staying in my PJS. It's just something that helps me feel put together & complete. I'll throw on a couple of layered necklaces, basic gold hoop earrings & of course, my Sparklane Initial Ring!

What's your go-to drink and why?

Coconut Water! I drink it every day & It's sooo yummy. It's also incredible at keeping you hydrated among other great health benefits. 

 What's your favorite song right now?

Anyone by Justin Bieber!  

How did this year affect you? What's one good thing you can take from it?

What a year we've had! Although so much was taken from us, I choose to see the light in this circumstance. I was so blessed to spend extra special time with my husband, mom & siblings. We all quarantined together & made such special memories. Truly a time I will never forget. 

Tell us about your connection to jewelry!

Funny enough, I was never a jewelry person until I graduated high school & worked a job in an office.. I never felt fully put together. My mom got me a pair of gold hoop earrings & it literally changed the way I saw myself. As silly as that sounds, they made me feel qualified, pretty & professional. Over the past 4 years I have been slowly building my jewelry collection & finally feel so happy with it. I love having a mix of statement & simple pieces. 

Do you have a tip when it comes to stacking different pieces?

Even if you think you "can't pull it off" or it will "look stupid"- TRY IT! Often times I've found my favorite stack combos by going outside of my norm stack!